Discovering What's Next Has Merged--Now a Program of ESC of New England

ESC of New England and Discovering What's Next (DWN) share complementary strategies and aspirations. As a program of ESC, DWN gains infrastructure and new programs, options and resources for people over fifty as they seek a stronger sense of purpose in their work, contribution to the social sector and engagement in their communities, outlets for their skills, and balance in their lives.

DWN programs fit well with ESC's new role as the regional operator for the national Encore Fellowship Program which matches skilled, experienced professionals as Fellows with social-purpose organizations in high-impact, long term assignments. ESC is a nonprofit management consulting organization founded in 1982 that provides capacity building and technical assistance to other nonprofits as well as executive coaching and professional development programs for nonprofit leaders throughout Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming involved with ESC's programs, please visit

We thank Devra Simon for her service as Executive Director of DWN. Doug Dickson and Joann Montepare have been elected to the ESC Board of Directors and we look forward to the benefit of their perspectives and expertise. Carol Greenfield, founder of Discovering What's Next, will continue her role at ReServe Greater Boston and its collaboration with Discovering What's Next. 

If you have questions or would like to become involved in the future of Discovering What's Next, please contact David Guydan, the new Director of DWN Programs, at the ESC offices at or call 617-357-5550. If you know of a nonprofit organization interested in applying to become an Encore Fellow Work-Host or would like to learn more about becoming a Fellow, please contact Donna Morelle, Director of Encore Fellowships, at or call 617-357-5550.